Where it all started

She wakes up earlier than she usually does. Well, way earlier than she usually does. What with all the nervousness surrounding today!

It’s the start of a new training session. This is the final training for her to get her professional degree. The one for which she has been slogging since a long time. So all this training means to her is the last straw in her educational journey. The expectations are low even though her friend who has completed this training in another batch concluded a few days ago has told her she would enjoy it. She wants to get it over with as soon as possible.

She’s contemplating her sense of dread and yes, fear of the unknown as she starts getting dressed.

The green and brown combo of her dress is going well with her brown footwear and white & brown bag. She doesn’t really care how she looks actually. She knows her life is just going to continue from one ebb to another, no space for tides.

As she leaves home well in time to reach the far away venue her spirits lift slightly. Well, anything that takes you out of home is good, right?!

She checks in at the underground tube train station but…………………

She’s descending the steps to her platform when suddenly the strap of one of her sandals starts loosening. Ah, usual stuff, she thinks dragging on. But it’s the other sandal’s turn now. ‘Whatever’ she continues. But both her sandals give way as she descends another three steps.

‘Oh no! What now?’ she’s shaking with fear and indecisiveness. Her training is important. She can’t be late or it will jeopardize her degree. She has to be there on time. But how?

Ok, time for her real self to take over. She removes her sandals and puts them in her bag. And there, at the busy station, amid hundreds of people, she moves ahead with barefoot. Feeling absolutely divine, she puts her headphones on and saunters to the platform. All eyes are on this weird girl who’s so nicely dressed, carrying a high profile handbag and wearing nothing on her feet. Her favorite band Green Day blaring in her ears, she doesn’t give a damn about the onlookers.

Question – Into the train, onto the destination platform, checking out, arriving at the road upstairs in public is fine. But how the hell do you go into an upmarket professional training where the dress code is strictly formal without anything on your feet!?

Answer – You get into a cab, keep your eyes open for a street cobbler(sadly no store would be open so early in the morning), find him, sit inside the cab while he mends your shoes, wear your mended shoes and pride and continue to the auditorium.

So there it is, the auditorium in all it’s 3 floors of glory. Her conference room, she finds out, is on the first floor. As she ascends the steps with bated breath and anticipation, it’s time for an entire new chapter of her life to start.

© 2013 A. K.


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